Transitions Blog

Transition. A word that evokes mixed emotions often experienced by TCKs (Third Culture Kids), especially during the transition to college in the US. At GDQ, this word defines our culture, characterized by hospitality, diversity, spontaneity, and deep relationships. Unlike small Midwestern towns, GDQ’s focus on serving Missionary Kids in Albania brings a diverse mix of students to each class. Missionaries come and go with their children, impacting their own lives and those who remain, embracing and bidding farewell to new and old friends. Located in the capital city, Tirana, our community is marked by constant transition, as people move for work, family, or new opportunities abroad. GDQ itself experiences constant transitions with teachers coming and going, as their teaching careers intertwine with their ministry. Additionally, as GDQ welcomes more young teachers, it serves as a transition space for them from college to adult life.

We hope that this blog will serve as a place of connection between past, present, and future members of the GDQ community through providing a space for some individual’s transition stories to be shared and for others to be inspired.

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