GDQ International Christian School Curriculum

GDQ International Christian School offers the missionary and international business community an international, academically enriching, biblical education to students ages 5 to 19. Our curriculum and teaching resources pull from both British and U.S. standards. Class sizes run no higher than 16 students, allowing for individualized and small group interaction among students and teachers.

K-5 / Lower School

Our lower school begins with kindergarten. Children must be five years of age on or before 31 August. Continuing through grade 5, students are divided by grade level with one class teacher per grade level.  Academic instruction covers literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, and Bible. Throughout the week students enjoy music, art, physical education, library and computers under the instruction of staff specializing in these areas.

6-8 / Middle School

Our middle school comprises students in grades 6-8. Classes are departmentalized giving students the opportunity to move from class to class and to learn from teachers who have specialized in these subject areas. Classes include literacy, mathematics, science, history, geography, Bible, Albanian or French, computers, physical education, and creative arts (music and art).

9-12 / High School

Our high school encompasses grades 9-12 and offers internationally recognized, college-preparatory curricula: Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (Cambridge IGCSE – and Advanced Placement (AP – Graduation requirements include a set number of credits in English, mathematics, science, social sciences, Bible, modern world language, fine arts, computers, physical education and health. Students also select elective classes. Upon completion of grade 12, students are awarded a high school diploma. As part of the academic program, students gain real world experience working with various organizations and businesses around Tirana the later part of the school year.  Attention is given to student demographics to ensure that students are able to return to their home countries for higher education if desired. Recognized by the College Board, GDQ is also able to offer PSAT, SAT and ACT college entrance exams.

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