Teaching at GDQ International Christian School

Teaching staff should possess teaching credentials valid in their home country. Should a potential candidate not have a teaching license, this requirement may be satisfied in one of the following ways:
  1. Written evidence that the teacher qualifies for a teaching credential in his/her home country.
  2. The equivalency of a teaching credential, as determined by the director, based upon a bachelor’s degree and either two years teaching experience or recommendations based on the quality of past teaching performance.
  3. The equivalency of a teaching credential, as determined by the director, based upon evidence of experience and of comparable certification.

In order to keep our tuition costs low for our missionary families, GDQ asks their international staff to raise the majority of their finances. As a school, we extend a housing allowance of 35000 leke / month for full-time staff.  The school will also reimburse the flight between the staff member’s home country and Tirana each year up to 100,000 leke.

Partnering with a ministry organization is advantageous for raising finances and working through the adjustments that will come in living in a culture distinct from your own.  Partnering with a ministry organization is highly recommended.

Our curriculum standards and resources pull from both the US and the UK. The school does not rely on any one textbook, curriculum, or publisher. Rather, teachers draw from a number of resources, possibly several texts, both printed and virtual. The teachers themselves are the main source of creativity and inspiration for the subject materials.

Our class sizes can run up to 16 students.

The Albanian government does not affect our school. We are free to teach to our set curriculum. The only stipulation we have is from The Ministry of Education who have limited our student population to those students holding international passports.

Our school is equipped with several networked monochrome printers and multi-function imagers.  We have LCD projectors and Chromebooks.  The high school has multiple laptops that may be checked out for class use. The K-8 campus has a computer lab with 16 stations.  Staff may use the computer lab before and after school and during the day when classes are not in session.  The library will issue a Chromebook for full time staff to use for school purposes.

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