Kids thriving! We can do this

Are you struggling with a difficult transition?

We’ve been there!

Our transition to Albania was a bumpy landing.

Our family had been in transition for over a year as we originally moved to Greece, but lost our visa soon after. Then, very soon after arriving we began to have significant team conflict. For my husband and I, it was a very trying time and it really began to make us wonder if we would be able to stay in the country long-term.

One of the only bright spots for us was GDQ. GDQ made a special allowance and let our first grader start school a week after we arrived, even though there was only six weeks left of school. The following fall our second child started in Kindergarten. By that time our team was in full meltdown mode, and we were in the middle of culture shock. 

But our two kids were thriving! They loved school! And they had made friends, so they loved Albania. They were on a solid ground. They were adjusting well, and they felt so cared for by the teachers at GDQ. GDQ was one of the few things that convinced us we could weather this storm.

We have now lived in Albania for over eight years, and our whole family loves it! We started a ministry focused on the Roma, a minority people group. The Lord has led us to invest in the lives of children through opening a free preschool program and a before and after school program in addition to men’s and young women’s Bible Studies.

GDQ continues to be the backbone of our family on the field and a support network of like-minded friendships. The teachers are devoted to making sure the kids succeed and are developing in all areas of their lives, and this lets us stay focused on the hard work of church planting with the Roma. I am so thankful for the teachers. They have a huge impact on my children’s lives, and because of the teachers, we are able to reach the Roma with the love of Christ. 



About the Author

Alison Kemp lives in Tirana, Albania with her husband Jacob, and their four children. Alison and Jacob started the House of Hope, a ministry of their team to Roma families. Click here to learn more about the House of Hope. 

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