Why Students Love GDQ International Christian School

What makes GDQ the place to be?

Here are our middle school students top five reasons:

The friendly atmosphere

“GDQ is … like one big community. The sense of friendship is remarkable.  When new kids join, everyone welcomes them.  I like that GDQ includes everyone.

“Coming back to school after a break and seeing your friends again makes me feel welcomed and happy.”

“…no bullies.”

“GDQ feels like a big family, and that’s what makes GDQ amazing.”

“Feeling accepted.”

“…nice students to have friendships with.”

The smaller class size

“Since it is so small, it is like a community. The classes are like families within the community.”

“There aren’t as many people in the classes so everybody knows and respects each other.”

“Teachers are able to focus on every student because of the smaller (class size).”

“Everyone knows each other.”

The Christian environment

“Being surrounded by good influences and Christian perspectives makes GDQ the place to be.”

“Being a Christian school, we learn about God and how to live a godly life.”

“Biblical ideas are presented throughout the lessons.”

“You’re surrounded by Christians.”

Awesome teachers

“The teachers that are here love it.”

“The teachers are really enthusiastic.”

“The teachers really care about their students’ learning.”

“Teachers encourage us to do our best and to keep following our dreams.”

Meeting people from around the world

“You can meet new people from different parts of the world.”

“You get to meet lots of great people from all around the world who have moved here.”

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