Why You Should Consider Studying At GDQ International Christian School

Why study at GDQ International Christian School?

Our primary aim is to prepare children to serve the Lord in society with excellence, wherever they live later on. We encourage students to develop a biblical worldview and apply their faith. The teaching staff represents a variety of Christian denominations. We are sensitive to the diversity represented in our school community and seek to maintain a comfortable and accepting atmosphere in which students are free to explore, learn and creatively express themselves.  In addition to our high academic standards, we work to develop character qualities such as patience, kindness, humility, generosity, integrity and self-control.

Who can study at GDQ?

GDQ offers a full K-12 programme. Children must be 5 years of age on or before 31 August to begin kindergarten.

Full admissions details are explained in our admissions policy  with the application process specific to children who are native English speakers or  non-native English speakers.

Believing that God has created each of His children with individual learning styles and preferences, GDQ seeks to honor the differing strengths and developmental rates of its students. For this reason, GDQ also has a policy regarding the admissions of children with special needs.

At the present time, all children must hold an international passport or have permanent residency in a country other than Albania. This is a legal requirement set by the Albanian Ministry of Education.

In order to make an initial enquiry for your child, please fill out the student enquiry form.

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