Why Parents Love GDQ International Christian School

“GDQ – not just a great school – it’s a whole way of life!”

Key reasons parents have chosen GDQ International Christian School for their children’s education:

“My children love GDQ!”

“My children thrive in the school and are incredibly happy here – I call it the “Happiest School in Albania” – possibly even in the whole Balkans! As a parent, what more can you ask? My children love GDQ!”

We are so grateful for GDQ. Our kids love going to school there, and we appreciate the great education they are receiving. Because of GDQ, we are able to focus on the ministry God has called us to knowing that our kids are being well taken care of.”

“We are very happy to have discovered GDQ International Christian School in Tirana. Our daughter is very happy there. She loves her teacher and her classmates. Every day she comes home full of joy and is eager to tell me about her exciting day. Her teacher makes learning a fun experience and rewards them for their achievements”

“We are glad to send our children to GDQ because they LIKE it.  It makes us happy for they leave the house with a smile to go to school.

Safe and secure environment

“From a mother’s point of view, GDQ is a safe, welcoming environment, where children are valued and cherished.”

“The GDQ environment is one of the best in Tirana. It is a safe place for our son, and we feel very secure with him at this school.”

“The academic and administrative staff at GDQ make children feel at home in school.”

“GDQ Christian International School has offered our children a warm and healthy environment to grow and develop.”

“At GDQ, my children learn, grow in character and abilities, laugh, have fun, are challenged and encouraged and come home happy!

Focused on developing the ‘whole child’

“The teachers are outstanding and I can trust them fully not only to teach my children academically, both creatively and effectively, but also to care for my children’s whole person, to inspire them, believe in them and give them the freedom to explore life and learning in a safe and loving environment”

“The school teaches academics, social skills and kindness. I couldn’t ask for more.”

“My son blossomed instantly. He has become more confident, and his way of thinking has really grown.”

“My children love the range of creative activities, lively lessons, imaginative challenges and inspirational life models. At GDQ the children learn a deep respect for life, for others, for themselves and for the world around us as well as to understand the unique potential in each one of us.”

“The school is committed to see each child grow in character and potential and provides a loving, kind, safe and professionally excellent environment for learning.”

Academic excellence

“Full of caring teachers and staff, we feel our children’s educational needs are taken seriously. We truly couldn’t have asked for a better solution for all of our children’s educational and social needs in a cross-cultural setting.”

“We are happy parents and feel good seeing our children gaining knowledge and growing into responsible people. I don’t know what we would have done without GDQ in Albania.”

“We appreciate very much to have a Christian school with a high international standard of learning”

“We are more than pleased with GDQ. Our son is significantly improving academically. The GDQ environment is one of the best in Tirana.”

“The school is small enough that each child receives individual attention and the teachers’ broad experience means that all children receive the best possible input and guidance in a wide range of subjects.”

“The smaller class settings allow our children more intimate help with topics they may at times find difficult.”

Spirit of community

“My children have loved all their teachers and have healthy, balanced relationships with all the children in the school.”

“As many of the parents know each other well, there is a true sense of “community” and trust within the school as a whole.”

“The close partnership between teachers and parents mean that our children grow up as if in an extended loving family of teachers and friends. This is unique in Albania and inspires trust in all of us.”

Global perspective and understanding

“Our three children have created friendships with children from many different cultures and nationalities, and this has contributed to a much greater world perspective.”

“The teachers are wholly dedicated to providing an enriching Christian education with an understanding of the unique backgrounds of each international child including our own.”

“As a Korean community, we are doubly blessed as GDQ provides our children the opportunity to also learn the Korean language and culture.”

Dedication of the teachers and staff

“As a parent, I have been hugely inspired by the friendly support, dedication, experience and creativity of all the school staff. It has made the biggest difference in our lives being at GDQ.”

“When we came to GDQ, our oldest son’s first grade teacher touched our hearts at once. She always made me feel welcomed in her class.”

“I will never forget how impressed my son was when the director himself greeted him by his name the first day of school.”

“I can trust the teaching staff to be wise, kind, helpful, of consistent good character and to seek the best for my child. I can think of no better example in a school”

“Children of all abilities get the maximum input and learning help from fully trained, deeply committed, experienced international teachers.”

“The teachers invested their lives into our kids. They did much more than pour out book knowledge our sons needed to graduate and to prepare for their ongoing studies at the university level. They truly cared about our sons.”

Easing cross-cultural transitions

“As newly arrived missionaries to Albania spring of 2011, we are convinced if it wasn’t for GDQ our kids would not have transitioned as well as they have. GDQ has not only been a school with great academic programs, but also a community for which our children have been welcomed into.”

“The GDQ School has been very important for our family and our children. We are in Albania as independent missionaries (not part of an established mission society), and GDQ has provided a safe haven for our children. Without GDQ, I am not sure if it would have been possible for us to do what we are doing today.

“Being a part of the GDQ high school family made our sons’ transition to life overseas smoother and easier.  They had so many friends from various countries who understood the ‘missionary kid’ life in Albania.”

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