Community of love
“GDQ is an absolutely special place, reflecting God’s love and service in it’s crowded little hallways. Just as a house, no matter how expensive, flamboyant and decorative, can never be a home without the love of those who live inside it, a school, with all of the latest technology, facilities, and programs can never be a real embodiment of Christian learning without the love of staff, students, and parents who are part of it. GDQ is indeed such a place.” (Middle School Science and Math Teacher)

Living with purpose
‘There are moments that you just want to hold on to, and this week has been one of those. It started with a wonderful Sunday in Durres with the family of one of my students, a visit to the Roma Kids Club on Tuesday, a dodge ball game at school tonight, and many unforgettable moments in between with my students and teacher friends. When I think back to where I was a year ago and how I wanted to stay in the States, and look at what He blessed me with now that goes above and beyond anything I could have imagined at that point, then there are no words to really describe what I feel like, except for, living in God’s will, for His purpose and glory, is all I want and need. God is so good!’ (Grade 5 Teacher)

Rich and rewarding
“The five years that I have taught at GDQ have been tremendously rich and rewarding. I would highly recommend teaching at GDQ to anyone who is looking for an opportunity to serve God in a truly international setting. You will find a wonderful community of believers here in Albania and many areas of need where you can truly make a difference!” (Elementary and EAL Teacher)

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