Learning Support Teacher

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Job Title: Learning Support Teacher

Reports to: Head of Sector

Location: K8 or HS Campus

Job Summary

GDQ International Christian School seeks to provide a Christ-centered, academically enriching, international education for the missionary and international business community. At GDQ, the Bible and a Christian worldview serve as a foundation and integrating core for all learning. In light of these, our mission and educational philosophy, we are looking for qualified teachers who desire to grow in their ability to teach from a biblical worldview, provide for the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of our students, embrace the school’s multicultural environment and partner with colleagues, leadership and parents in enhancing our school culture.

Teaching Responsibilities


      • Demonstrate good subject and curriculum knowledge with the ability to deliver the curriculum as relevant to the age/ability of the students.

      • Plan and teach well-structured lessons, adapting teaching to respond to the needs and strengths of students.

      • Help develop and keep curriculum documentation updated, submitting weekly plans onto Google Drive and/or Curriculum Trak.

      • Help students think about the subject matter biblically and critically (presenting information in such a way as to reveal the character, nature, or handiwork of God).

      • Work intensively with individuals students, in a one-on-one situation and in a whole class context (as appropriate) on specific aspects of language development. Set high expectations that inspire, motivate, and challenge students.

      • Promote student progress and outcomes by providing regular feedback verbally and in written form.

      • Make accurate and productive use of assessments, monitoring progress, setting targets and informing subsequent planning for learning.

      • Manage behavior effectively to ensure a positive and safe learning environment.

      • Try at all times to understand, appreciate, love and serve students in his/her care.

      • Observe appropriate confidentiality in regard to student, parent and school matters.

      • Be responsible for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of students in line with the GDQ Child Protection Policy.

    IEP Responsibilities


        • Develop Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for students needing learning support, in liaison with class teachers and subject teachers as appropriate.

        • Conduct meetings with parents to discuss initial IEPs.

        • Arrange regular IEP review meetings with parents.

        • Work collaboratively with class teachers and subject teachers (as appropriate) to review achievement of IEP target and set new targets.

        • Ensure that IEPs are kept up to date (keeping records of relevant assessments and data).

      Additional Responsibilities


          • Help identify students requiring learning support upon entry into school and conduct individual assessments.

          • In liaison with the Head of Sector, develop the schedule for student support.


            • Work in partnership with classroom and subject teachers to enhance student learning, ensuring that resources and materials support student learning.

            • Prepare and select suitable  learning material to provide access to mainstream curriculum/ including the development of differentiated resources. 

            • Help develop and keep curriculum documentation updated.

            • Support classroom and subject teachers in utilizing learning strategies in the classroom.

            • Assess potential students (in line with admissions policy).

            • Participate in K12 EAL teaching staff meetings.

            • Contribute to training activities as requested to build awareness of learning support methodology in the classroom.

            • Provide guidance to support staff and/or volunteers who have learning support learners in their classrooms. 

            • Communicate effectively with parents, including parent/teacher conferences.

            • Oversee morning welcome, lunch, recess, before school and after school  duties as assigned.

            • Participate in weekly chapels.

            • Participate in professional development. 

            • Participate in sector meetings and decision-making.

            • Participate on an accreditation committee.

            • Additional responsibilities as agreed upon between the staff member and sector head.




              • A clear testimony of faith in Christ, believing that a relationship with God is made possible through faith in the atoning work of Jesus Christ and not by personal merit or effort.

              • Acceptance of GDQ’s and ACSI’s statement of faith and GDQ’s lifestyle covenant

              • Willingness to be a role model to students, parents and colleagues both in and out of school

            Education and Training


                • Minimum: An undergraduate degree

                • Preferred: A valid teaching certificate  

                • If not a qualified teacher then expertise in subject area to be taught

              English Proficiency (for non-native English speaking applicants)


                  • CEFR minimum C1 (tested and certified). C2 is preferable

                  • IELTS 7 or above on the academic test, not the general training test (tested and certified)

                  • TOEFL iBT 110-120 (tested and certified)

                Character Attributes


                    • Flexible, patient, creative, team player, initiative, encouraging


                  Local Hire

                  This is a salaried position. The local labour market determines compensation and benefits. In accordance with the labour laws of Albania, the Foundation will assume its legal obligations regarding taxes, employee social security benefits, and employee health benefits for full- and part-time employment. 

                  Expatriate Staff

                  This is a voluntary role, and expatriate staff are responsible to acquire the majority of their financial resources, whether through personal means or through a mission organization. GDQ recognizes that individual ministry organizations have established financial policies and will comply with the policies of these organizations. 

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