English as an Academic Language (EAL) Teacher

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Reports to Head of Sector | K8 or HS Campus

Job Summary

GDQ International Christian School seeks to provide a Christ-centered, academically
enriching, international education for the missionary and international business
community. At GDQ the Bible and a Christian worldview serve as a foundation and
integrating core for all learning. In light of our mission and educational philosophy, we
are looking for qualified teachers with a desire to

      • grow in their ability to teach from a biblical worldview;

      • provide for the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of our students;

      • embrace the school’s multicultural environment;

      • and partner with colleagues, leadership, and parents in enhancing our school culture.


    Teaching Responsibilities

        • Demonstrate good subject and curriculum knowledge across the K-5/ 6-8/ 9-12 sector.

        • Plan and teach well-structured lessons, adapting teaching to respond to the needs and strengths of students.

        • Help students think about the subject matter biblically and critically (presenting information in such a way as to reveal the character, nature, or handiwork of God).

        • Set high expectations that inspire, motivate, and challenge students.

        • Work intensively with individuals students, in a one-on-one situation and in a whole class context (as appropriate) on specific aspects of language development.

        • Promote good progress and outcomes by students.

        • Make accurate and productive use of assessments.

        • Manage behavior effectively to ensure a positive and safe learning environment.

        • Try at all times to understand, appreciate, love and serve students in his/her care.

        • Observe appropriate confidentiality in regard to student, parent and school matters.

        • Be responsible for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of students in line with the GDQ Child Protection Policy.

      ELP Responsibilities

          • Develop English Language Plans (ELP) for EAL students, in liaison with class
            teachers and subject teachers as appropriate.

          • Conduct meetings with parents to discuss initial ELPs.

          • Arrange regular ELP review meetings with parents.

          • Work collaboratively with class teachers and subject teachers (as appropriate) to review achievement of ELP target and set new targets.

          • Ensure that ELPs are kept up to date (keeping records of relevant assessments and data).

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