Foundational Statements

Mission Statement

GDQ International Christian School exists to provide a Christ-centered, academically enriching, international education while supporting the growth of the Evangelical church in Albania.

Vision Statement

Educating the next generation to have maximum influence for the glory of God.

Core Values


As a community, we love God through

  • Worshipping Him
  • Loving, studying and applying His Word
  • Preaching and living out the Gospel
  • Caring for what God has created


As a community, we love others by

  • Showing kindness, trust and respect in relationships within community and across cultures
  • Speaking the truth in love, taking ownership for our actions and seeking to forgive one another
  • Confronting wrongdoing and actions that threaten the safety of our community


As a community, we strive toward pursuing excellence through

  • Helping others further improve and reach their potential
  • Celebrating spiritual and character growth
  • Fostering students’ academic achievement