The investment of your financial resources toward one of our special projects will strengthen GDQ’s ability to serve the missionary community, the international business community, and the Albanian Christian community.

Special Projects

Miriam Blom Scholarship Fund

Miriam, a smiling and energetic six-year-old, attended kindergarten at GDQ in 2017-2018. Sadly, during a summer camp in August 2018, Miriam was infected with a bacteria that caused her to die of acute blood poisoning. The GDQ community gathered together with her family for a celebration of her life in the fall of 2018.

We all knew that Miriam believed she was a princess, often even wearing a tiara to school. She also enjoyed singing songs to Jesus and had a special love for those in need all around her.

As a school we want to honor Miriam and remember her desire to help others by offering a scholarship for families in need. The Miriam Blom Scholarship Fund will provide from $300 to $1000 in tuition assistance each year to such families.

Can you help honor Miriam’s memory and contribute to this scholarship fund for students at GDQ?

The Literal Rainy Day Fund

The most used part of our facility is our sports field. GDQ students K-12 love playing on the field during recess and PE. It also serves as space for our after-school sports programs. The opportunities to be outside, to play and run, and to interact with classmates through games and sports are an invaluable aspect of any day at school.

But some days the field is off-limits. What’s the problem? Our sports field is not covered! Rainy days prevent regular sports and extra-curricular activities from taking place. Though we don’t cancel Physical Education classes when it rains, our teacher is limited to planning lessons for the students under a 42 x 16 foot awning on the side of the school building.

A cover for our field will allow our students the opportunity to continue PE lessons, sports and recess even if it’s raining! Can you help us provide this much-needed space for our school?

Planning for Relocation Fund

The GDQ International Christian School community continues to grow. That’s the good news! The challenge, however, is coming up with creative ways each year to handle this growth in our current facilities. We’ve maxed out our classroom space in some grade levels; it’s standing room only for school-wide events. With out K-8 and high school rented buildings separated by a 10-minute walk, teachers, administrators and students lose time navigating between the two campuses. It’s time to find a facility that can house our expanding K-12 programs under one roof!

GDQ is the only K-12 international school option in the city where subject matter and biblical truth are integrated within the context of a diverse international community of students. We are a place where children come to learn, to build critical analyzation skills, and to express their opinions and beliefs as they become independent thinkers who reflect on information from a biblical worldview.

With more missionary families arriving in Albania each year who desire to enroll their children in our school, our lack of space is a significant limitation. Can you help us continue to impact students’ lives by contributing to our planning for relocation fund?

Where Needed Most

GDQ’s administration with the assistance of the GDQ Board of Directors and GDQ staff will determine where to designate these funds.

Three Ways to Give

In Person

Financial gifts may be given directly to the school. These gifts are not tax deductible.

Bank Transfer

Financial gifts may be wired directly from bank to bank. Please contact GDQ for bank account and routing information. These gifts are not tax deductible.


To secure funds in Albania, we are pleased to partner with TeachBeyond, an evangelical not-for-profit international organization dedicated to transforming the lives of children and adults through education. Donations made through TeachBeyond are tax deductible.

TeachBeyond will see that GDQ receives all financial gifts designated to the school. Please note that 6% of your donation will go toward TeachBeyond’s administration costs in serving us. 

To give online, select the applicable nation flagBe sure to specify GDQ International Christian School as the “donation designation” and identify the specific GDQ project to which you would like to give. Specific projects are noted below. GDQ’s TeachBeyond donor number is 25027. 

  • Miriam Blom Scholarship Fund
  • The Literal Rainy Day Fund
  • Planning for Relocation Fund
  • Where Needed Most

Thank you for your partnership as together we allow God to work through us to reach Albania for Christ.