GDQ Board of Directors

The GDQ International Christian School Board understands its primary purpose as ensuring that GDQ achieves the stated ends on behalf of the clients, and avoids unacceptable actions and situations. The Board Policy Manual is written to clarify how the  board interprets their role and also includes other statements that guide their decision-making.

The philosophy of governance includes governing with:

  1. Integrity in all methods and practices
  2. Broad Body of Christ vision rather than internal preoccupation
  3. Strategic leadership more than administrative detail
  4. A clear distinction of Board and Director roles
  5. Respect for diversity of opinion in the decision making process
  6. Collective rather than individual decisions (speaking with one voice)
  7. A future rather than past or present orientation, and
  8. Proactivity rather than reactivity.

The Board is composed of legally appointed representatives from the following organizations: (1) Abraham Lincoln Foundation, (2) Christar, and (3) Global Mission Pioneers. In addition to these organization, other board members are appointed by the board. The Director is a non-voting member of the board.

Though the members of the board come from a variety of backgrounds and professional experiences, they are bound together by their commitment to God, the school, and a wider commitment to excellence in Christian education

It is a joy for me to serve the GDQ community. My wife and I have three children at GDQ. From Chris Carter’s gospel presentations through music such as John the Baptist to the Middle School Elevate program to after school sports, we love GDQ!  The teachers have significantly impacted our kids as Christ followers. If you’d like to talk about anything related to GDQ Board work, I’d be glad to sit down for a coffee or set up a call.

-Josh Miekley, GDQ Board Chair

Board of Directors Composition

Christar | Mrs. Julee Schoch

Global Mission Pioneers | Ms. Priscilla Park

Lincoln Foundation | Mr. Joshua Miekley (chair)

Tirana English School | Mr. David Chang

Eagles of Peace | Mr. Calvin Tiessen

GDQ Director | Ms. Lori Neuman